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Sports mouthguards: the exclusive Orthofan Orthodontic Lab production

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Orthofan is one of Italy’s leading labs in the production of individual mouthguards custom-made from dental impressions taken by one’s own dentist.

Our mouthguards are characterised by a special study of materials and the requirements of the various sports disciplines. This leads us to produce completely individual mouthguards, completely different from those produced by most dental laboratories.

In addition to the materials combined with each other -the reason for the success of our mouthguards-, one of the main differences is the customisation done with special printers from the graphics industry that use special inks and allow the printing of logos, lettering, symbols and nicknames on extremely thin films that are compatible with the materials used for the production of mouthguards.

Orthodontic Lab - Professional Mouthguards - Borella 02

Last but not least, we exclusively produce an innovative mouthguard for body builders, which keeps the front sector of the mouth completely free to facilitate breathing and which protects, with a special innovative material, the back teeth during the high chewing pressure exerted when lifting weights.

Orthodontic Lab - Power Teeth Guard 01

All information can be obtained from Orthofan Orthodontic Lab.