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Trentennale Orthofan
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Sports mouthguards – 180 pages – 456 colour illustrations

“…The topic is of great importance for the physical and psychological integrity of athletes, because the epidemiological data leave no doubt: a growing trend in the number and severity of injuries, especially in the younger segments of the population, to the point of reaching the significance of a real public health problem.
…In the part of the Ministerial Guidelines dedicated to primary prevention in the sports context, specific reference is made to protective equipment ‘….’. the staff of sports centres should recommend the use of mouthguards
and/or face masks depending on the type of sport activity, informing the subject about the long-term benefits of such safety devices (Levin et al., 2012; Çaglar et al., 2010; Çetinbas et al., 2008)’.
A Recommendation that leaves no doubt as to the need for professionals to keep up to date, in order to be able to provide the most appropriate advice and the necessary clinical care to the ever-increasing number of their patients who engage in sporting activities. With this in view, this work represents the ideal support; full of checklists, construction protocols, clinical examples, it is a very pleasant read as well as a guide of great practical utility, supported by high quality iconography…’
Dr. Claudio Lanteri

Fabio Fantozzi Paradenti


Fabio Fantozzi, dental technician, was born in Ascoli Piceno on 17 March 1970 and graduated from I.P.S.I.A. in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1990. He is totally dedicated to orthodontics by participating in numerous courses and congresses, throughout Italy and abroad, following the teachings of well-known Professionals in the field.

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