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Trentennale Orthofan
Trentennale Orthofan
Trentennale Orthofan


Orthofan’s services are manifold and advantageous thanks to an in-house staff that is constantly updated and whose cultural level is very high.

For any doubts or needs, the team will resolve each case with courtesy, care and speed.

technical consultancy

All our medical and technical customers have the possibility to have direct contact with us via telephone, Skype, Zoom, Meets or other forms, in order to discuss any issues related to particular jobs.

courses and conferences

The didactic area of Orthofan Orthodontic Laboratory plays a very important role. We wish to keep Orthodontists, Clinicians and Dental Technicians well informed about everything that concerns the evolution of Orthodontics worldwide.


We produce all orthognathic appliances in the industry: removable, fixed, functional, gnathological and pre-prosthetic devices. We also use state-of-the-art technology including 3D scanners, CAD software and prototyping machines to produce resin models for aligners.

pick-up and shipping

We pick up and deliver within 24 hours nationwide. Our aim is to provide the same efficiency as the laboratory located just a few steps away from the dental practice.