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With the Abruzzo Region to grow

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2 May 2019

Orthofan s.r.l. has been a beneficiary of the measure POR FESR ABRUZZO 2014 – 2020 measure 3.2.1 “Interventions to support territorial areas affected by widespread crises of productive activities, aimed at mitigating the effects of industrial transitions on individuals and enterprises.Complex crisis area Vibrata – Tronto – Piceno recognised by the MISE with Decree of 10 February 2016.” This measure, co-financed by the European Union, enabled the company to support an important innovation and business expenditure programme.

The investment programme provided for the implementation of an organic project comprising productive investment and investment in promotion (respectively line A and line B of the call).

The project had the following objectives and results, which were highly achieved:

  • Purchase of a laser marking machine for customising mouthguards;
  • Purchase of know-how aimed at developing and implementing appropriate marketing strategies (product placement and product promotion);
  • Development of a smartphone application allowing: 3D customisation of the product and its purchase, directly from the smartphone; management of pre-orders and user data.
Trentennale Orthofan
Trentennale Orthofan
Trentennale Orthofan